Moving Day

It’s here, it’s here! Moving day has finally arrived! With a flood of emotions and building anticipation I can’t believe it is finally moving day.

There is so much to look forward to. New places to discover, foods to try, and languages to learn. Even better, I will get the chance to experience some of these new things with my family as they travel with me for my first week in Barcelona. While it’s a bit nerve wracking, I am thrilled to be living out a life long dream of living abroad.

Besides the excitement of day to day life in a foreign city, I also have the budding anticipation of teaching abroad. After spending my teaching career in public schools in one state, it will be invigorating to teach in a new place in a new school. There will be new ways of doing things, new people to meet and work with, and a new group of students to both learn from and teach. I can’t wait to see how I grow professionally.

I can’t wait to see what Barcelona has in store for me! All I have to do now is patiently wait for the flight tonight.


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