Pack Your Patience

In order to move you need to have an endless supply of patience. You need it to stand in endless lines, while working through confusing paperwork, waiting for responses, waiting until it’s time to complete the next step in the process, and most importantly patience with yourself as you navigate uncharted waters.

Luckily I have had the best support a girl could ask for though the whole process. In fact, I can’t begin to imagine anyone who chooses to move to another country totally on their own with no one there to guide and answer a thousand questions. My school has been amazing answering my never ending onslaught of questions. And honestly, I don’t know that I can ever truly repay my family for listening to me talk non stop about my growing to do lists before I go. What I do know is, the end is in sight! In just three short weeks I will be boarding a plane to take me to my new home.

I still have a thousand unanswered questions, but the logistics are all set, the important things are handled and all that’s left to do is practice a bit more patience before I can arrive and experience life in Barcelona. The questions still lingering are more about what it will be like to live full time abroad and so I have to practice patience for a while longer before they can be answered. In the meantime I am dreaming and planning for future adventures. Places to travel to, major sights to see, small moments I hope to experience.

What excites me most is knowing that all my travel adventures will help me become a better teacher. I’ll be forced out of my comfort zone. I’ll learn new things. I’ll meet new people. All of which will get my creative juices flowing to inspire lessons for my students. Yes, I have always wanted to live in Europe and immerse myself in a different culture. But I also love bringing those new experiences to my students. I want to show them that they can do hard things, like living in a country where you barely speak the language (for now) and that if you want something bad enough all you need is the courage to go for it and a little bit of patience.


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