Greek Street Food Love

Forget the Parthenon, the Olympics, or other world changing inventions designed by the Greeks. The best thing to ever come out of Greece is the gyro!

Now I’m sure I am late to the party, and everyone has already eaten a gyro before, but on the off chance you haven’t -run- don’t walk to your nearest Greek restaurant to gobble one up! By far my favorite food I had while in Greece, was some good old fashion Greek street food noms.

Lucky for us we were staying not too far from a little local gem that served the most amazing gyros I ate the whole time while in Greece. Niko’s Place was recommended to us by Kiryokos, who had picked us up at the airport. He was spot on when he said they had the best gyros around and for cheap.

For just 2.50 Euros you had a little slice of heaven in the form of a wrap. They had both pork and chicken to put in the gyros, and they were happy to customize them for you. I don’t know if it was the tzatziki (another food for another post!), the perfectly cooked french fries, soft pita, or the savory meat freshly sliced off the rotating spit that made these the best gyros I have ever had. Quite possibly it was the combination of all these things.

You could walk up and get your gyro to go or sit and enjoy your noms at a little covered patio area. We took advantage of both ways to enjoy our gyros with no complaints.

The gyros were so good I only remembered to take pictures of them one time we ate there. If you are ever in Oia, you must stop by Niko’s Place and have a gyro!




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  1. This looks divine, I’ve never tried it and I don’t think we can get these in Finland. I need to go to Greece obviously ?

    1. Yes, you must go to Greece! The food was delicious and Santorini is absolutely beautiful.