2 Days til Spain…Preparing for Substitutes

As I sit at home on another snow day, I can’t help but begin to feel slightly anxious about my trip to Spain, which is in just 2 DAYS! Eeek! I can’t believe it is almost here. While I am more than ready to hit the road (or runway as the case may be), there is still plenty to be done at school to make sure my substitutes will be ready to fill in for me for the two days I will miss.

I have finished packing, repacking, double checking the packing here at home, which is nice. Wednesday afternoon when it is time to get to the airport all I will have to do is grab my bags and I’ll be good to go. Photocopies and materials needed for my substitutes is another story. The nice thing about having a second snow day (we missed Friday as well) is I have had lots of time to write out detailed lessons, reexamine them, change them, change them back, and make sure everything is set for Thursday and Friday. Now if only I had access to the copy machine…

I’m sure my students will have a great time with the lessons I have planned and left for the substitutes to do with them while I am away. They will get the chance to blog, learn more about Spain through research and reading and have a fun Valentine’s Day party Friday before February Vacation. I think it is safe to say that even if we don’t have school tomorrow due to the blizzard that has plagued us all day today, I will brave the roads and weather to go in so everything will be ready to go Thursday. Who said teachers just work at school?



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