Weary Traveler 

Well we made it to Madrid safe and sound! It still surprises me that no matter how much I travel it never gets any easier. I worry right up until I sit down in my seat on the plane. Have I forgotten anything? Did I pack enough clothes? Did I charge all my electronics? Wait did I bring the adaptor so I can charge all my electronics? Where’s my passport (in my hand)? There it is! Put in my bag. Where’s my passport? You get the gist. 

Our overnight flight wasn’t too bad on Swiss Airline. I think I even managed to nab a few hours sleep, pieced together in 10 minute intervals between head bobs. We had a smooth connection to our second flight from Zurich to Madrid, although I could help wondering why they couldn’t make a quick pit stop to drop us off as we flew right past Madrid to get to Zurich? 

Once in Madrid there was time for some quick sightseeing before dinner. Before heading out to do some wandering I had the chance to FaceTime with my students back home. What a highlight! Although I didn’t have too much to share with them, other than my utter exhaustion and the few sights I saw from the airport to the hotel, it was great to see them. They seemed so excited to talk to their teacher who was all the way across the Atlantic. 

By dinner time my sandpaper eyes were just barely open. The bill for a glass of wine, 2.75 Euros, opened them right up, as I was giddy with joy over the fact that it will be cheaper to have a glass of wine than a bottle of water in this great country!    

I did manage to check out a little book store on the way back to our hotel. It was so interesting to see familiar book jackets with Spannish titles. It was like seeing old friends from home.

I can’t wait to get to know this city better today as we tour around! 


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  1. Buenos Dias Katy! no rest for the weary, can’t believe you hyped right into sightseeing after an overnight flight. What’s the temp there? We are in a deep freeze!