Planes, Trains and Automobiles 

There is one thing that always marvels me whenever I travel abroad, and that is the efficient public transportation systems of other countries. Bus, trains, trams, boats, it doesn’t matter how you need to get around, I find that countries around the world have lots of public options for people. When I think about how the public transportation stacks up to that in the US, all I can think is how we pale in comparison. 

Back to even my earliest travel days when I use to just travel with my family, we always used public transportation. In general, my experience has been that public transportation has been easy to navigate and readily accessible, much more so than the options I have living in the suburbs in the states. Here are some of my favorite ways I have gotten around the world using public transit. 

1. Trams in Finland 

2. Boats in Amsterdam, Thailand, Ecuador and Peru 

The only way to reach a small school in the Amazon

3. Ferries in Finland 

4. Buses in Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Peru, Ecuador, Austria and Thailand 

While I have used many local buses, the Sound of Music bus is still my favorite

5. Trains in Finland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Peru and Australia 

A train helped get me to Machu Picchu
My sister reading on the train from Austria to Germany

6. Tuk tuks in Thailand 

7. Bikes in Denmark, Finland and many other places (although I haven’t used them everywhere, they were there to use) 

Speaking of biking, I found it was a very popular way to get around in many places I have visited. People traveling to work, going to friends houses, making deliveries, getting to and from school, bikes are everywhere. I would still like to get an old second hand bike to start using to get around here, especially since I am so close to work. But maybe I will wait for spring time when the weather is a bit warmer. 


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