ATV Around Santorini

With so many options to get around Santorini we wanted to make sure we did our research before coming to a final decision. Picking ATVs to use for three days was perfect!

After reading blogs, travel guides and talking to our guide we decided that ATVs would give us the most freedom for the best price. Because there were just three of us, we only needed two ATVs. At just 55 Euro for three days (oh the joys of traveling in the shoulder season!), we would be able to go anywhere we wanted and not spend a fortune. Not to mention we would have a much easier time parking and navigating the switchback roads all over the island. The fact that lines on the road are a mere suggestion of where one should drive meant we would have an easier time darting away from oncoming traffic than if we were stuck in a car. Knowing we wanted to cover a lot of ground around the island, I can’t think of a better mode of transportation.


One of the many perks of using ATVs, you can park them anywhere!

Santorini has a local bus that travels all over the island that is cheap and effective, but in the shoulder season it doesn’t run as frequently as it does in the high season. We did use the bus to get home one day after hiking from Oia to Fira and it seemed quite nice.

A car for us was off the list for us not only because we couldn’t imagine driving one with the more loose driving style of the island, but also because none of us can drive a standard. It would be more expensive and harder to come by an automatic car on the island, which suited me just fine!

Vespas were another option we thought about. When we thought about needing to rent three vespas versus just two ATVs though, the choice was simple. Paying for just two ATVs would make more economical sense.

We thoroughly enjoyed cruising around the island on a couple of ATVs for three days. Even if one of our ATVs (affectionately referred to at Ruby) was moved by someone into the bushes one morning when we got to them. Gave us quite a fright, but everything was fine. If you travel to Santorini, I would highly recommend you use ATVs to get around.

We found Ruby!




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