Athens on Jet Lag 

What a whirlwind day one was! After long hours not keeping on our overnight flight from Boston to Munich, throwing back a free coffee in the airport and jumping on the next plane to Athens, I can’t believe we had enough steam to do some sightseeing. 

First and foremost we had to make our way to our hotel. The information desk lady at the airport recommended the metro as the most efficient way to get there. So we paid our fare and stumbled on to claim seats since the luggage outnumbered us between carry-ons, backpacks and luggage. The way we commanded an entire 4 person alcove on the train was impressive. We didn’t even balk when an old Greek man insisted on sitting with us and all our luggage at one point. Go for it buddy, if you can wedge yourself in here I won’t even be mad, in fact I’m impressed!  

After switching trains (and sides of the platform) we realized that at our stop we had no idea where to go from there. Luckily a very friendly police officer escorted us out of the metro, walked us to a map, and in broken English described how to get to our hotel. Following his directions we made it, put one down in the win column for us. 

We settled in and then it was off and running, seeing as we were an hour behind our predetermined schedule we needed to make up for lost time. 

By the end of the day we managed to squeeze in: 

Pictures at Zeus’ House Ruins 

Old Olympic Stadium- Nancy and Lauren had an unofficial race and ran on the track



Pictures of Hadrian’s Arch 

A stroll through the Royal Garden, where we grabbed out first street food noms, 50 cent sesame bread

Current Parliament House, changing of the guard, and the tomb of the unknown soldier 

Walked through the Plaka District

Had a snack at one of the hundreds of outdoor cafes that litter the streets 

Scouted out shopping in Monstraki. I did a little pre shopping and found a pendant that I just couldn’t live without

Pictures of the Acropolis at night from roof deck of our hotel

And we rounded off the day with dinner at our hotel restaurant. At that point we were ready to collapse. 

The 6:30 AM wake up call that awaited us he next day was quickly approaching. Time for bed before we got up and hit the tourist grind again. 



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  1. Bravo Katy! You survived the first day of your journey. Impressive amount of sightseeing done in the first day!