I Biked Barcelona!

One of my all time favorite activities I did while in Spain last week was biking through Barcelona. Although I was exhausted from an early wake up call to travel from Madrid on the high speed train, I was excited to bike around. My recent experience biking in Copenhagen had me pumped to see the city in a different way.

We started in the Gothic Quarter and walked down to our bike rental shop, Green Bikes.

Our tour brought us down quaint, cobble stone ally ways down to the waterfront in the Olympic Park area. I loved when we reached the main roads there was a designated bike lane. Why, oh why can’t Boston have this?!

 One of our first stops was the Parc de la Ciutadella. This was one of my first glimpses of the famous Antoni Gaudi’s work, a fountain that created a perfect area for gathering. In addition to this magnificent fountain, the grounds include the Barcelona Zoo, the Parliament of Catalonia, and a few other buildings.

Next stop was in the Olympic Park and beach area. Despite the chilly 50 degree weather, there were people out playing beach volleyball and others walking along the boardwalk. We learned how in preparation for the 1992 Olympics this once abandoned, scary part of Barcelona was completely revitalized. A ride down following the beach showed off lined palm trees, the Pez y Esfea sculpture, and busy streets.

We made a few more stops alone the way back to the bike shop. It was great to just leisurely stroll the streets of Barcelona. Listening to little tid bits about the city and the different places we saw.

Riding around Barcelona by bike was a wonderful experience. It let us take everything in, slow down and really explore the area. I would 100% recommend biking Barcelona if you get the chance!



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