Pen Pals 

Since coming back from Spain students have had the chance to ask questions, see pictures, and learn more about all things Spain. Many of the questions have been centered around school, students and what life is like for kids growing up in Spain, which makes sense since students are kids. I tell students all about my observations from my school visits, but it’s just not the same as going yourself. The next best thing would be to learn about student life from actual students. Luckily there is a way I can make this happen.

I contacted our tour guide from our trip, Macarena, to try and set up a pen pal program between her kids school and my class. I am hoping to hear back soon so we can establish pen pals between a classroom there and my classroom. I just know my students will be over the moon to get the chance to communicate with students in Spain.

This is also a great opportunity for the trip to Spain to have a long lasting effect. Students from my classroom will be able to create friendships with students from another country. Students will also be able to keep in contact with their pen pals long after leaving 3rd grade. It may just inspire them to set out on their own adventures one day, maybe to visit a new friend!



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