Santorini Wish List

Most of my upcoming trip with my sister and friend will be spent on the island of Santorini. Known more for honeymooning than for groups of young 20 somethings, we will be soaking in the relaxed pace and quiet atmosphere for our girls trip. What am I looking forward to? Breathtaking views, delicious food, and even a donkey ride, check, check, check! We plan to take advantage of everything Santorini has to offer.

Since we have more time in Santorini than in Athens we created a wish list of everything we hope to do while we are there. The Google Map that we created is littered with pins all over the island. Lets hope we can tick everything off the list, and more!

Profitis Ilias

Pyrgos Village

Akrotiri “Red Beach”

Black Sand Beach

Santo Wines

Boutari Winery

Ktima Sigalas – Winery in Oia

Donkey Brewery

Cliff Jumping

Rent ATVs

Donkey ride up the hill 

Cable car ride down the hill

Boat ride to hot springs

Akrotiri Lighthouse

Pictures at sunset in Oia

Hike Fira to Oia

Eat something new

Enjoy happy hour at our cave house patio

Make lots of new memories!

Have you been to Santorini before? Do you have suggestions for any must see or must do activities while we are there? Leave a comment below. Now, is it Friday yet?



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