Easter Treats

I know what your probably thinking, Easter was weeks ago, why is she just now talking about Easter? Well, Greek Easter was just last weekend, and I happen to have a student in my class this year who is part Greek.

When she found out I was traveling to Greece in April she was excited to share with me a few Greek words she knew and a little about how she celebrates Easter. It was wonderful to make a connection with a student in a global way.

After returning from Greece, early last week, I shared some pictures and stories with the class, you can read about that here. Students enjoyed asking questions and my student who is part Greek shared what she knew about Greece with the class.

By the end of the week, I was still scrolling through pictures at home to remember such a wonderful and exciting trip, but I assumed my students had all but forgotten what I had shared. That is when my student with a Greek background reminded me she was getting ready to celebrate Easter that coming weekend. When I inquired if they would eat any traditional foods she confirmed that, yes, they would be eating all my new favorite baked goods from Greece. I let her know how jealous I was that she would be nibbling on so many delicious foods. She promised to bring me in some.

Monday morning, she barely made it through the door, when out popped a container of all my favorite Greek desserts; baklava, Easter cookies, kataifi and another type of cookie. How thoughtful! I didn’t really expect my student to save me some treats from her Easter celebration. I was really touched that she went to the trouble to bring me in a sampling of their desserts. How did I get so lucky to have such a wonderful student?

The desserts didn’t last long! I nibbled on them throughout the day. Each bite bringing me back to the warm weather and tasty food I tried while in Greece. I did manage to save some to share with my sister. I knew she would be just as excited to relive our trip to Greece through food.



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