Lost and Confused: First Week in Barcelona

Is that the street I want? Wait, have I walked too far? No, I haven’t walked far enough? Why didn’t I just keep my cellphone plan so I could use Google Maps?!

Just a few of the thousand of thoughts that have crossed my mind in the last week. My first week living in Barcelona.

But before I jump into that you should know a few things about me.

1. I like to be early to things

2. New things/situations/people way stress me out

3. I do not enjoy being lost, ever

So many streets to get potentially lost while walking

Wait, wait, wait you’re thinking. Katy, you chose to move to a foreign country. You made this decision willingly, in fact you sought it out! Why would you do this if new things stress you out? I’m so confused.

Well, yes new things stress me out. Did I like wandering the streets searching for a bank that was an obvious landmark that I blatantly missed? No. Did I break into a panicked sweat when I walked into the wrong bank and realized my Spanish was so poor I would not be able to ask them if my relocation company person was there to help me? You bet I did. But did it all end up fine and I lived to tell the tale, yep!

Even though I have spent much of this first week lost, tired and confused I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Because as much as I hate being lost, I do love a good adventure. Not to mention I have been dreaming of living in Europe since I was little. So if I have to get a little lost, meh, not so bad.

The people I most like to get lost with in foreign places

I mean, it did help that my parents and sister have been here this first week. So I haven’t exactly been lost and confused alone most of the time, which makes it so much easier. And now that they are almost ready to go l think I’ll be just fine lost and confused on my own from now on.


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