Settling In

So much happens in a week. Just last week at this time I felt lost and confused, as my last post talked about. This week, things are starting to look familiar. I walk in the correct direction before I pull up Google Maps. I’ve started to make it to the bus stop in time without having to watch the bus I wanted pull away as I walk down the street. And I’ve started to get to know other new teachers from my school as we do different activities together.

Barcelona is slowly but surely starting to feel more like home. A moment when I really knew this was more than a vacation was when I went to water my plants I inherited with my apartment. Nothing says you are a resident like having to care for something, even if they are only plants. Now you should know I am not a plant person. Do they look beautiful? Yes. Do I love the look of green leaves in a room, adding burst of color and a touch of the outside? Yes. Do I kill them immediately? Yes. So, as I went to water my new to me old to the apartment plants I discovered mold growing on the soil. Humm, new city, still me. Looks like in the short time I’ve been here I’ve managed to overwater them. It might be time to invest in some fake plants.

I’ve also started to explore some places off the tourist path. There was the Gràcia festival which was amazing! Each street elaborately decorated by theme using only recycled goods. What they created was at times mind blowing.

I have also started the check out side streets, and venture into cafes and shops in my new neighborhood. While still in the city proper, it is more on the fringes and is removed from most tourists and major sights. Making it more quiet and frankly the perfect amount of city living for me.

Then there has been adjusting to Spanish time. Type A personalities are really put to the test with a more, don’t worry it will happen at some point, laid back approach to life. I signed up for WiFi the day after I arrived. Now I know August is a vacation month. Everyone warned us, things will take time to get done. But two weeks later, I’d say I’m ready for the WiFi. Have I enjoyed a major streaming detox? Yes. I do have my phone so it’s not like I’m completely cut off, but did you know streaming eats up a lot of data? Yeah I found that out and am now judiciously using what’s left for Google Maps.

But it’s all part of the process and experience. I have met the most wonderful people already and have enjoyed exploring new places around the city. I can’t wait to get in the classroom later this week to see where I’ll be teaching. There are so many great things to look forward to, especially in this next week with new teacher orientation coming up.


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