Searching for Matter One Country At A Time 

Another year, another chance to show students the world. I am lucky our social studies curriculum is the seven continents so intergrating pictures from my travels is practically a must do! 

This year I have taken the opportunity to weave in travel with science as I cover matter. Last year I made an iMovie on states of matter around the world as a model for students. This year I am adding to that through introductory lessons on solid, liquid and gas with PowerPoints. Each PowerPoint focuses on one state of matter and asks students to identify examples of that state of matter in pictures of places around the world. Finland, Greece, Costa Rica, and more, students travel across the globe while searching for states of matter. 

Country: Greece State of Matter: Solid- Parthenon

By introducing states of matter this way it allows me to also begin conversations about the seven continents and countries found on each. I share little tid bits of my experiences traveling combining social studies and science all in one. 

Country: Coast Rica State of Matter: Liquid- waterfall

Besides reliving time abroad, these conversations show students that subjects are not solitary or stand alone things to be learned and studied. They are interconnected and impact us long after we leave the classroom. Showing that interconnectedness is my favorite way to teach! 

Country: Finland State of Matter: Gas- exhaust coming from the car

I know what you might be thinking. Captive audience, long winded stories, there is no way students enjoy this as much as you think, Katy. But I beg to differ. Based on the almost quiet at the carpet, thoughtful questions, and even requests of “when are we doing that picture search thing again?” I’d say students are loving this learning format. 

If you teach about the continents and matter, you get grab a copy of my PowerPoints to use in your own classroom on TpT. 


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