Driving the Finnish Archipelago  

On one of our last days in Turku, our family drove us around the beautiful archipelago around Turku. Skies had cleared from the day before so we had great weather for seeing the sights. We had to set out early (5:30) so we could make the first ferry, but with coffee, tea and other munchies packed we were ready to tackle the day. 

It was interesting to drive out of the city and into more rural areas surrounding Turku. We even saw five moose grazing out in the distance at one point! 

After an hour of driving we reached the first of many ferry rides. This first one was a long ferry ride at 30 minutes. 

We arrived a little early so we got to have our picnic breakfast.  

If you come to Finland you must take a tour of the archipelago! The thousands of islands that dot the water are breathtaking, and the ability of the ferry operators to navagate around them even more impressive. 

The first island we reached was Inio. We had time to take a little hike, tour the local church, have a coffee and cinnamon bun, shop at the local grocery store, and drive the length of the island so we could board the next ferry. 

View from our hike.
Local church

The day continued driving along and stopping to get out to take in the peaceful scenery all around us. 

Before lunch we stopped by a local swim spot so we could take a dip in the sea. The true Finns in our group braved the windy, slightly chilly air and took a swim. The American Teräväinens were easy to spot soaking up the sun on the beach area. 

We had a lovely lunch at a little harbor restaurant and then continued on our way. 

The scenery throughout the whole trip was beautiful. Quaint little homes and towns, lush green trees and fields, and full harbors everywhere you look. It was truly picture perfect. 

What a wonderful day on the archipelago. I will have to come back again one day, and maybe I will be brave enough to take a swim in the sea! 


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