Island Hopping Finnish Style 

Where to even begin. Today was a phenomenal day. The weather was picture perfect, just right for island hopping. I met up with a friend from the blogging world, Suvi, and spent the morning at three different islands in Helsinki’s harbor. 

We started at Vallisaari, a recently reopened island just beyond Suomenlinna Island. People have been going off trails and disrupting the nature found there so the island has been closed for a while. They recently reopened it and you could tell people wanted to know what the island had to offer. It had beautiful scenery and some information posters along the way. I learned that at one time many families inhabited the island, they even had a school and shops. I can’t quite remember now what it was that brought them away, but we did see many abandoned buildings along the island. 

Next on our island tour was Suomenlinna.  This was a much larger island with a few resturaunts, shops and an information center. People still live on this defunct military island, and during our walk we may have stumbled across some residential areas. ? 

I was lucky to be with Suvi as she knew a fabulous place for lunch. A bit off the beaten path, it is really more of a place locals go to. A hidden gem on a very touristy island. I had carbonara  pasta that was to die for, and of course coffee, for lunch. We ate and chit chatted outside and were treated to views of one of the islands docks. 

Once we finished lunch we did some sight seeing around the island. We spotted beach goers on a small sandy beach, old grassy covered buildings, private residences and terrific views. 

The last stop for the afternoon was Lonna. It is a very small island with a few cafés. It took us no time at all to walk around the whole island so we settled into a bit of Finnish ice cream. I ordered a blackberry orange flavor that was heavenly, especially for a hot day! 

It was sad to have our island trip come to an end. Suvi and I had so much fun talking, walking and enjoying the sunny day. The weather really could not have been more perfect, and I could not have asked for a better guide. I am so thankful I was able to meet up with Suvi while I was in Helsinki! 


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  1. As much as I want your sister to join you so you will have a travel companion, I do enjoy picturing you doing all of these things alone. 😉 It definitely adds something different to the experience. It looks like you are having a great time! Happy 4th! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jen! I have really enjoyed doing a bit of solo traveling, honestly I still can’t believe I did it! But it will be nice to have someone to share these experiences with. Hope you and the fam have a great 4th! ??

  2. So pleased you had a lovely time in Helsinki – we visit from the UK frequently as we love it so much. It was fun reading your posts, thank you.

    1. Little Miss Traveller I’m so glad to hear you have enjoyed the posts ? It has been so much fun exploring Helsinki, I love it here!

  3. Yay, it was such an awesome day! I’m so glad we met up and I look forward to seeing you again in Helsinki ??