Mosaics Around Spain

Recently I have been sifting through pictures of previous trips as I attempt to move all my pictures over to my new computer; you know 6 months after buying it, you don’t want to rush into things like that. It has been fun reminiscing over pictures of previous trips since I have found myself in a situation I haven’t experienced in a school year, a travel void. My next big trip isn’t until July. This has inspired me to take a look back at some of my travel experiences to share some of my favorite things from the places I have been to. Over the next few months I will attempt to fill the travel void with posts of some of my favorite things from trips past.

First up, mosaics around Spain.


There is so much to love about Spain, the food, the scenery, the people, but one of my favorite things were the bright colors of mosaics that could be found everywhere.


Clocks, walkways, benches, signs, on the sides of buildings, mosaics could be found in every nook and cranny in each city and town. February when I visited can be a dreary month blanketed in gray, but the mosaics brought such color and life to all parts of the places we visited. The artistry that went into many of the designs was something to see. From far away many of the mosaics appeared with bright geometric prints, up close the geometric designs revealed more intricate patterns and carvings making them all the more beautiful. How lucky are the people of Spain to be surrounded by such wonderful works of art each day?





Park Guell was like a mecca for mosaics. Being surrounded by Gaudi’s work, much of which were mosaics, was simply magical. I learned quite a bit about Gaudi and saw many projects of his around Barcelona. It is amazing to see how forward thinking he was. He made recycling cool long before the chant, reduce, reuse, recycle was ever uttered.


Each county holds its own treasures and Spain did not disappoint. I will not soon forget the bright mosaics of Spain.



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