Gaudi Mosaics

Students at my school have learned a lot about Spain since a group of nine teachers, including myself, returned from a trip there in February. The whole school has been involved, making connections to the culture and people in all areas of learning. One of my favorite projects that students are working on is in art class.

Our art teacher, Mr. D, took the work of Antoni Gaudi and used it as inspiration for a mosaic project for students. One of Gaudi’s famous projects, Parc Guell in Barcelona, is a great example of mosaic work. Everywhere you look in the park, brightly colored tiles make up benches, buildings, sculptures and more.

What is so amazing about all these tiles is that they are all recycled! Guadi and the men he worked with to construct the park were men before their time. Not only did was he innovative in his design, they were Earth conscious with the materials they worked with.



To provide background information on the famous Gaudi, besides pictures from the trip and what teachers have said, students also listened to a picture book about the architect’s life. One of the teachers picked up the book at the gift shop at the Sagrada Familia (what a smartie!).

Inspired by Gaudi’s work, students are working on their own mosaic projects. It is amazing to see what they have designed and created.

Students mosaic art projects and Gaudi and his work in Parc Guell will be a great jumping off point for us when we talk about Earth Day later this month.



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  1. I love Gaudi! I didn’t remember that the tiles were recyceled – that is so cool.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you like the new layout of the blog ?
      I am still figuring everything out, but it appears that you are still following the blog- it must be on through the old address like you thought.