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There are so many things to pack when going on a trip but my tech pieces are usually top on my list to pack, repack and then check again to make sure I have them all!

Here are my tech tools I can’t live without when I travel.

My Nikon Camera– I have been obsessed with photographs and photography since I was in high school and took my first class. I have upgraded since my days of film and darkrooms into a world of SD cards and digital print. Without my camera I would feel like I was missing a limb! The next step, upgrading to a camera with the wireless adaptor to up my Instagram game!

Apple SD Card Adaptor– Until I upgrade my camera to wirelessly talk with my phone and other devices, I will have to stick with the old fashion way of transferring my pictures. This little adaptor is something I just can’t live without. It quickly allows me to transfer all my pictures to my iPad and iPhone. It is indispensable!

Bose Headphones– I know they are slightly ridiculously priced but after assaulting my ears with cheap headphones from Target, Walmart and dare I confess, free giveaways, I finally upgraded and my ears could not be happier. The key was waiting for black Friday deals. No one should ever pay full price for anything.

Portable Speaker– This was a gift from one of my aunts a few years ago for Christmas and it is amazing! Don’t be fooled by its small size, this little speaker puts out great sound. Whether in my classroom, hotel room, or tour bus, this powerful speaker gets the party started!

Headphone Splitter– Want to share the perfect jam with your friend on the plane? Listening to a great audio tour or podcast that others should hear as your walking along, but you don’t want to disturb the group? Share what your listening to with this headphone splitter. I have found this little devise very helpful in the classroom, on our tour bus and out on tour.

iPhone- Travel alarm clock, currency converter, map, translator, camera, videocamera, audio recorder, music player, notepad, and so much more.  I can’t imagine leaving home without my phone. It truly does just about everything, and I know I don’t use it nearly to its full capability. I know it can be nice to unplug for a bit while you are away, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need your phone for its thousands of other uses. Android or Apple doesn’t make a difference, phones are a powerful travel tool.



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