STEAM Connection: Windmills of Toledo

One of the places I am most excited to see in my upcoming trip to Spain are the Windmills of the Toledo area. After doing a little bit of research in my guide book and online, I can’t stop thinking about the picturesque views of the whitewashed windmills, plunked down along the Calderico ridge. These beautiful windmills were made famous in the novel Don Quixote. They have inspired me to at least download the novel onto my Kindle to attempt to read before I leave, but that is for another day.

While Don Quixote may or may not get read sometime soon, something that will happen, is figuring out how to incorporate these windmills into my lessons at school.

Last year I attended an EiE (Engineering is Elementary) STEAM professional development run by the Museum of Science, Boston. It was a fantastic day of hands on learning, problem solving, building, teamwork, and engineering. I started thinking of what I learned at that PD, and how I could create a connection to the windmills I can’t wait to see and share with my students.

After digging around online, talking with other teachers, and raiding our school’s STEAM lab, I am positive I can make my windmill building dreams come to life for students. Now comes the fun part! Designing a build your own windmill project for students to complete in collaborative teams.





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