Family Connections

This week in school my students read a informational text about family. During our readings of the selection we took a close look at the family to better understand and learn more about them. We asked questions like, what kinds of things do they like to do? How many people are in their family? What hobbies do the people in the family have? There was so many great points to look at and compare to students’ own families.

This story was also a perfect opportunity for me to make a connection to global learning. How could I do this? Well, I shared with students about my family that I met this summer who live in Finland. Not only did I have a chance to share with students pictures and stories about what my Finnish family is like, students had the chance to get to know me a little better.


It was a blast sharing some of the differences and similarities of living in Finland and living in the US. I told students about some of the different candies I was able to try, favorite foods, fun places I visited, and shared about all of the fun outdoor activities you can do like hiking biking and swimming.



This week was such a great way to share a little piece of my life with students while connecting the lesson to global learning. When we begin talking in depth about the 7 continents they will already have a sneak peek at one of Europe’s countries!




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