One of my favorite sites we visited in Spain was the Alhambra. What made this place extra special besides the beautiful views, intricate details and amazing history, was the fact that my mum and grandmother visited Alhambra when my mum was in high school. I felt an extra special connection to this site knowing that the two women that I love the most in this world had also seen it. I miss my grandmother, Gikee everyday and so visiting a place that she had seen and told me about made the experience all that more magical.


Alhambra is located in Granada in the south of Spain. It is made up of many different buildings, a palace, gardens and narrow, cobble stoned allies. After getting tickets and a headset, so we could hear our guide, we first strolled through the gardens outside this ancient walled city. The gardens are meticulously manicured We learned some of the first parts of the Alhambra were built in 889 AD and it wasn’t until 1333 that it was converted as a royal palace.

There is a heavy Muslim influence everywhere you look. Islamic writing and gorgeous geometric designed tiles cover the walls and buildings. I couldn’t help but stop and think about the time and labor needed to create such intricate designs. You certainly don’t see anything like this anymore, it would simple cost too much!


One of my favorite rooms in the Alhambra was one where Christopher Columbus once stood. We learned that Columbus met with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in their summer palace in his quest for funding to sail to the orient. All I could think was, I can’t wait to tell my students at home that I stood in the same room that Christopher Columbus did in 1492.


 The whole afternoon was a pinch me type of experience. Have you been to Alhambra? What were your impressions?




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