Packing Light Round 2: Carry On

After pairing down my checked luggage for Spain to a carry on size bag, which at this point if stuffed to the gills and would never fit in those tiny overhead bins, I decided my carry on could use a little trimming. I had to do a little more cramming into my checked luggage (meds, converter, flashlight, you know the essentials) but the zipper still closes so we’ll call it a success!

By putting those last few items into my luggage I was able to get my backpack down to a reasonable load that won’t break my back. Not to mention I am confident it will now fit under the seat in front of me without having to jam it in there or have it spill over into the aisle. Here is what my resulting bag looks like.

Just the tech essentials: my iPad, small point and shoot Cannon camera, Bose headphones (please no crying babies on our overnight flight!), tech pouch to put said headphones, various chargers, extra batteries for my big camera, extra SD cards, and iPad camera plug in kit. My big Nikon 5300 camera and extra lens will placed gingerly on top to round off all my tech gear. In the name of downsizing I have decided I can live without my kindle, even though I hate reading books on my iPad (first world problems).

Non tech items essintials (stored of course in their own small bag): hand sanitizer, wet ones wipes, gum, external battery pack, and a pen for filling out forms.

The only other things that will be added to my bag are my Longchamp little purse, so I can do an immediate downsize once we can leave our backpacks on the tour bus, a few magazines I can read and share, and of course my Spain travel guide.

Outside my bag I always clip a hat and top my bag off with a scarf.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy cutting it down to just this. I easily could have thrown in lots more, but after carting around a heavy backpack on previous trips full of things I never used, I think I’m ready to manage with a few less items. My back will thank me!

What about you? What goes inside your carry on?



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