A Kid Again, Biking Through Copenhagen

This past summer my family and I took a cruise through the Baltic Sea out of Copenhagen. Before setting sail we flew into Copenhagen so we could spend a little extra time taking in the city and seeing some of its highlights. One of my favorite experiences was using the bike share program.


Much like in Boston, renting a bike was easy in Copenhagen. There were bike hubs all over the city, all you had to do was find a bike not in use to ride around. What was different on these bikes was the iPad like tablet attached to the handle bars of the bike. Not to mention the built in GPS, motors in the bike…what’s not to love! Biking made easy <3


Any reservations I held about riding a bike after a few years of not riding one were immediately erased. It did take a bit of muscle to lift the top heavy bike and then get it going, but once I was up and running there was no stopping me…no really I had to really concentrate not to run into people the first couple of times I had to stop.


It was so much fun riding around the city. And unlike Boston there was no fear of being sideswiped or run over by cars because Copenhagen has constructed a wonderful street design. Lanes for cars, lanes for bikes and sidewalks for walkers. All with their own set of lights. Just perfect!


 I don’t think I have enjoyed biking so much in a long, long time. It really was like being a kid again. There are times now when I think about how much more I would bike if only we could have the same system here. Maybe when I am back in Scandinavia I will have to do some more biking in some other cities like Helsinki or Stockholm.



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