Dress It Up

Loungewear is not a thing here. An everyday yoga pant is not something you see sauntering down the street. You want to run out and throw out your trash? You better be wearing something presentable and have a full face on. Running to the store real quick to pick something up? Leave the oversized sweatshirt at home. The people of Barcelona are always dressed to the nines.

For someone who had totally embraced the yoga pants are real pants movement back home, this has been a real wake up call. No, yoga pants are not acceptable to wear unless you are going to work out (hence why I had to sign up for a gym membership). And really, it would be best if you could refrain from putting on the yoga pants until you actually reach the gym. That is something I can’t get behind (yet). Even if it is to run downstairs to my favorite bakery, you better believe I throw on presentable clothes and try and make myself look halfway decent, even if it is 8AM. You can not look a hot mess here. My favorite yoga pants or mesh shorts with an old Beat LA or Believe in Boston T are simply not going to go over well in Barcelona.

I have way stepped up my clothing game since I’ve been here. I do my best to look nice and never wear my favorite comfy clothes out of the house (gasp). I mean would I still like to be able to run out in a Harpoon Brewery T-shirt, yes. Do I need to be wearing my favorite brewery across my chest, no. I guess this whole dressing up thing isn’t so bad. If living in Barcelona has made me aware of anything, it is how relaxed I had become at home when it comes to dressing. There is no reason I can’t put on a pair of jeans instead of yoga pants to run errands. I can swap my, past it’s prime, college shirt for a nice T-shirt or blouse. It’s not going to kill me and maybe even make me feel better to wear nicer clothes.

The fashion here is also slightly different from home with lots more flowy, light fabric clothes, which makes sense. It is unbearably hot in August and you don’t want clothes that are sticking to you. Long airy pants, linen dresses and skirts and lots of loose clothes are certainly the order of the day. Even now in September, when I don’t immediately start sweating when I walk outside, it’s still 80 degrees almost everyday. You have to wear clothes that will keep you cool.

I can’t lie fall and winter are my favorite seasons. You might be wondering then why in the world I would choose to move to a place known for its warm/hot climate most of the year. To be honest, who doesn’t want to come visit Barcelona? I mean come on, if I wanted people to come visit me abroad I had better pick an appealing location to visit. But, my first visit to Spain about three years ago in February also made me fall in love with the city. Not only is it beautiful but come winter, it is perfect scarf and medium weight coat weather. Now that’s my thing. I have already seen people wearing puffy winter jackets (whyyyy it’s still 80!) and scarves (how are you not sweating?!) but I know this New England girl will hit her stride before long. I live for the day where there is a true nip in the air and fall has blanketed the city.


P.S. I am well aware I am a work in progress, fashion changes don’t happen overnight

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  1. So true, we had to do the same for Heath when he arrived in Uk. I hope you two can connect while you are both there, looks fab so far, i hope you are enjoying every minute

    1. Yes, at some point we definitely need to connect! I’d love to head his way at some point and do some traveling in the UK.

  2. So interesting about the clothing. I never would have thought. Didn’t realize that when we visited Spain. But you look awesome in those pictures, you are a fashionista!!?