Feel Good Friday

Yesterday we started the positive vibes in the room with a little activity during Morning Meeting. I saw this activity on Instagram (I wish I could remember which teacher did it!) and knew right away I wanted to try it out in my own classroom.

Each student picked a number, kept it secrete and wrote a positive comment to the student in our room whose number correlated to that number. It was a quick, fun way to get students thinking about others. I reviewed the notes and tucked them into student mailboxes to read and take home that afternoon.

Today to keep the ball rolling, I am going to tie in a book during our read aloud time with a friendship theme. We can tie in being friends with the activity from yesterday. Student will have a chance to reflect on how they felt when they read their positive comment from a friend and brainstorm other ways we can be good friends to one another. It will also be a good opportunity to go over general positive comments versus specific comments.

I am excited to keep the feel good feelings going today in the classroom.


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