Summer Classroom Furniture Finds

I know it is still July and I should be lounging around, thinking about anything but school, but this is when I get most excited about school. With the summer ahead of me I have time for new classroom projects, researching new ideas and scouring Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration for next year.

First project of the summer was transforming three discarded book shelves from dingy, sad, hand printed shelves into a teal dream. A little wash and paint goes a long way. I can’t believe my luck that my mum came across these beauties for free at her school. They will brighten up my library area next year for sure!



Driving around in the summer has also revealed a plethora of treasures waiting to be scooped up from the side of the road. One mans trash is another mans treasure right? While I passed on several pieces, a wood, smaller sized desk called to me from the side of the road one day, “Take me! I belong in your classroom.” I resisted temptation until I passed it by for a second day in a row. Like a sailor to a siren I just had to pull over (after enlisting help to hoist it up and put it in my trunk) and take it home.


Make over time! I mean I could bring in the sort of lame, slightly warped wooden desk but where is the fun in that? Instead I decided to razzle dazzle it. Teal top, and lime green drawers…it was ready for its close up in the classroom.

You have to get creative when repurposing furniture for the classroom. And since it is for a classroom it is a great opportunity to make it fun, or at least a color I wouldn’t use on my furniture at home. What I like about this desk is it is much smaller than the big, metal, clunky ones provided by the school. Not only does this one take up less space, I was able to personalize it with paint!

It is projects like these that invigorate me for a new school year. With each piece of gently used, hand me down, abandoned piece of furniture, I see new life and endless possibilities for a second life in the classroom for that piece.

It is great to get all these pieces in my room, although my classroom is a long way away from being first day of school ready!

So it may be summer, but a teacher never takes a day off. The summer is just more time to plan, prepare and make changes for another school year.



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