Making History Come to Life

There is nothing better in school than a field trip. It is a chance to get out of the classroom for authentic hands on learning. This spring students in the third grade took a trip to Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth and another field trip to local Governor Winslow House and Daniel Webster Estate in Marshfield.

Both trips were a huge hit with students. Visiting these places made textbook readings jump off the page. Things that students had only read about became crystal clear as they roamed these historic sites. Students were also able to make connections they may not have been able to if they just read about these places. Not only were they able to see what life was like in colonial times, they were able to ask questions, hear stories and make new discoveries.

Highlights from the field trip to Plimoth Plantation:


A chance for some fresh air and a little walking to visit a Wampanoag Village and Pilgrim Homes


Checking out a traditional summer home called a wetu


Walking around the frame of a winter home also known as a long house 



Learning about traditional Wampanoag cooking 







The Pilgrims had quite the view! 
A traditional Pilgrim home 


Walking around the gardens 











Highlights from the field trip to Governor Winslow and Daniel Webster homes:




Learning what school was like at the Winslow School House 
Trying out some old time recess games 
Leaning about blacksmiths  
Learning about Daniel Webster at his estate 

















There is no better way to make history come to life than for students to experience these places first hand. Field trips are the things that students remember long after they leave the classroom. What are some of the field trips you remember from your days in school? What made them memorable?



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