Teach Like Finland: My Summer Pick for PD Reading 

Summer is right around the corner. Exactly one week from today in fact, summer will officially start for me. And while it will be hard to pry myself from my classroom and promise not to return until at least the end of July, I am looking forward to several big events and lots of recharging for another year.

One thing summer means to me is more time for reading. I have a stack of fun read books along with several “teacher” books I am looking to tackle. All I need now is the time to actually read them.

Top on my list is Teach Like Finland by Timothy Walker. And yes, as some of you may know, my mum preordered this book for me as a Christmas gift and I read it cover to cover the day I got it, but I am looking forward to rereading it and taking more notes. There is also a summer slowchat on Twitter centered around Teach Like Finland on Wednesdays for several weeks that I am going to participate in. It will be a great way to connect with other teachers and get their perspective on what Walker covers in each chapter.

The first time I read it, besides not being able to put it down, I also found myself nodding my head in agreement and thinking about ways I could try and implement ideas from the book. It was such an easy read, relatable, practical and full of great suggestions for the classroom. I know I still have six school days left of this year, but I already have ideas how I will implement some of the strategies listed for next.

If you are a teacher looking for a valuable PD read this summer, you must read Teach Like Finland.

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