TSA Pre Check

With security lines growing at airports, and the summer rush about to begin, I guess it was time to jump on board and get TSA Pre Checked.

Each night there seems to be a news report about horrifying security lines that stretch for hours. Knowing that I have several flights coming up for various trips, it makes sense to bite the bullet and just pay TSA to get pre checked. I hate the idea of paying for something that is, and should be free, but I also value my time. I most certainly do not want to spend hours of my life standing in line for airport security.

The rest of my family were quick to jump on board with the whole TSA pre check idea. Begrudgingly I folded after everyone else went through the process and I relaized it would be me standing alone for hours for the next five years anytime we had to pass through airport security. I can just see it now, I would be more than a little agitated as the rest of my family waltzed through the pre check line, as I stood, inching forward through the regular security line. So I resigned myself to the fact that if I wanted to be a pleasant traveler, I needed to sign up and pay my way to the pre check line.

Since I can’t get to the center closest to us during the week, my only option was to drive into the airport for the pre check. Once I finally went to sign up for an appointment I was horrified to find that the earliest appointment was two weeks out, Saturday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend. Wonderful.

The actual process of getting TSA pre checked was not as bad as I imagined it would be. Was it sightly disorganized and understaffed of course, but I would expect nothing less. The wait wasn’t that bad. My appointment time was for 1:30 pm and after checking in around 12:50 pm, I only had to wait 35 minutes to be seen, not too shabby for a one man operation. There was a touch and go moment when I was called in to be screened ahead of three people with appointment times ahead of me. I had checked in before them, but once the error was discovered, I was quickly shuffled back to the waiting area so the man conducting the screenings could get the correct person. Crisis averted.

Overall it wasn’t the worst airport experience I’ve had. Although it does still irk me that I had to pay $85 to do something that is free. This summer though, I will thank myself when I can whiz right to the front, passing all those poor passengers waiting and waiting to make it through security.




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  1. Hi Katy! I was wondering what the TSA Pre Check was in Florida. It seems silly to have to do such a thing, such a hassle, travel should not be like this!!

    1. I agree! And you can only use TSA Pre Check if you are flying on an airline that participates. Right now only US owned airlines get you through the Pre Check line. ? Such a racket!