Preparing for Greece

Time to dust off my suitcase again, not that it has had much time to accumulate dust. In less than a month I will be on my way to Greece! After an overnight flight, transfer to a second flight in Germany, where my sister and I will meet up with a friend, we will be in Athens. We will spend a few days in Athens and then hop on another plane to take us to Santorini for the remainder of our trip. Honestly I can’t decide what I am most excited about as we plan out our time in Greece. Here is a glimpse at our, to do list, so far.


  • Tour the Acropolis and other local ruins
  • Rooftop drinks overlooking the city
  • Check out Monastiraki Square and Flea Market- I just love a bargain
  • Grab meals with a great view for some people watching
  • Take lots, and lots of pictures!


  • Stay in a cave house- perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and relax
  • Donkey ride (duh!)
  • Hike
  • Wine tour(s)
  • Cliff jumping
  • Stroll down Red Beach
  • Boat ride with a swim to hot springs
  • Do a little shopping- pottery, jewelry, market finds
  • Take lots, and lots of pictures!


In both Athens and Santorini I am looking forward to trying some local cuisine. Olives, feta, yogurt, I already love so many Mediterranean foods. Without a doubt I will come across some new dishes to add to my list of new favorite foods I’m sure. I am also always up for the unusual when it comes to eating abroad, and Greece will be no exception. Hanging octopus to dry out to be served for dinner, yep I’m in! Unidentified meat on a stick, why not! One of the best things about travel is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Is it April yet?

Have you been to Greece before? If you have, what do you consider a don’t miss place or activity?




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