First Time For Everything, Hostel Stay in Helsinki 

Well, I went ahead and did it. The other day I officially booked my flight to Helsinki and back home from Munich for my summer adventure. June can’t come fast enough! I am so excited to spend a few weeks exploring Finland, where my great grandparents came from, and then set out to see a few other places in Europe. Even better, my sister and I will get to spend some quality time getting to know relatives we have in Turku! 

But before we meet our relatives, and before my sister arrives in Helsinki, I have decided to take a few days to do some exploring on my own. I have never traveled alone, and never stayed in a hostel, but that is exactly what I will be doing. Solo travel is something I have always wanted to be brave enough to do. After talking with friends, and reading about solo female travelers, I realized that I am brave enough to do this. The only thing stopping me was my own self doubt and fear of the unknown. This is the perfect opportunity to test out traveling alone for a few days before I am back in my comfort zone traveling with my sister. I’m sure once I have had a taste of solo travel I will be clamoring for another trip on my own.

Before checking in to Eurohostel I will be scouring blogs and reading as many tips for solo travel as I can. I also want to get my “must see list” going to make sure I maximize my days in Helsinki. 

Any solo travel tips, or suggestions of must see attractions in Helsinki? Leave a comment below! 



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    1. I was in Helsinki for just 6 hours last summer as part of a cruise. It will be so nice to spend more time there this summer, to really see all Helsinki has to offer.

    1. I am not sure, that is what I will try to figure out this summer. I think though there may be family ties in Poorvo, or in that area.