Classroom Fame 

Happy Friday!

Last week I wrote about Spain Day that my school put on. It was a day that celebrated global learning and shared information teachers learned from traveling to Spain. You can read more at my blog post Spain Day at DWS. This week the event was covered in the local paper, The Marshfield Mariner.

Students were abuzz when the article was published. One student even brought it into school so I could hang it on the front board. I read it aloud and we enjoyed reminiscing on a fun day. Four students from our class were interviewed for the article and they were excited to see their quotes in the paper. There is nothing quite so thrilling as being a local celebrity when you’re 8 or 9 years old.

Students were also excited to see a color picture that accompanied the article. There were a few pictures, but this particular one featured a few students from our classroom as well as their crazy teacher, leading them across the stage to salsa dance for the school.

It was great remembering a fun day at school.



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