Cape Town’s Small Pleasures

Now there are tons of major sights and experiences I could go on and on about from my trip to Cape Town. There’s the V&A Waterfront, a visit to Robben Island, and of course taking the funicular up Table Mountain. At some point I will blog about all of those things, but today I wanted to share some of the little moments that really stuck with me.

  1. The views! Everywhere we turned there were mountains in the distance. Sunrise, sunset or smack dab in the middle of the day, the mountains that surrounded us were impressive. In the city, countryside, driving along the coast, there were mountains everywhere that took my breath away.
The view from our AirBnB in Stellenbosch
Mountain views from Kirstenbosch

The famous Twelve Apostles mountain range

2. A wedding happening just as we arrived to Bo Kaap! We went to the famous neighborhood for the brightly colored homes, but we were treated to a local bride and groom dressed in white walking down the street with their wedding party to take pictures. It was a great reminder that one person’s vacation destination is another’s home.

3. Artful cappuccinos. Coffee is an obvious must in the morning and when they looked as perfect as the ones served each time I ordered you can’t help but start your day with a smile. Yum!

4. Shopping in little markets. Whether it was browsing the stalls in Hout Bay Market or bargaining with vendors in the downtown markets, I just loved a good shopping trip. It is the interactions with locals that made these shopping trips so much more meaningful. Cape Town didn’t disappoint.

5. Food, food, food and more food. With each country I visit there is one thing I always look forward to, trying local cuisine.  It is a chance to expand my tastebuds and find a new favorite dish to try and recreate at home. This trip was filled with great Malay curry, tasty ostrich, to die for brunches, and a throwback beverage TAB! My aunt used to love Tab, and every time I had one (since Diet Coke was hard to find) it made me think of her and home.

Malay Curry


Ostrich Burger
Bunny Chow, the most delicious bread bowl filled with curry

Cape Town is filled with many famous sights and big attractions, but sometimes it is the little things that mean the most.


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