Holidays Around The World 

Starting next week my students will begin a big journey traveling around the world. And while we will be doing this trip virtually, since a teacher salary is not quite enough to buy a class set of multi country plane tickets, I know students will love it. At each country we stop at along the way we will take a close look at how people from that country celebrate the holidays. These are some of my favorite lessons to do with studnets and this year it will be even better. 

This year in addition to readings, videos, doing a few crafts and getting passports stamped, students will also have a special guest come in to talk to them. A parent has volunteered to come in to talk about Hanukkah. This will be a wonderful addition to the activities we will do and tie in with a look at holidays here in the US and how they connect with holidays from other countries as well. How lucky are we to have a parent to come in and share family holiday traditions?! 

Each day when students arrive to school they will have a plane ticket with a new destination. As their pilot, I will have them board the plane and fly them to our new location. Cue engine noises and video from my previous travels! 

 Once in a new country students will get a new stamp for their passport. Our travels will take us to 5 of the 7 continents, with Antarctica and Africa being the only continents that I didn’t have readings for in the packet I got off TpT. Each country on our list will have a reading students will use to learn about the holiday season there and questions they need to answer showing what they’ve learned. I am also pulling together videos and other resources to share with students. 

What is so great about this activity is how it perfectly aligns with the social studies curriculum which covers the 7 continents and the world’s oceans. When travel and teaching come together like this it truly makes my day! 


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