Perks of Being a Solo Traveler

Well, I survived my first international solo flight! While this is something I have wanted to do for a long time, it had me absolutely petrified! There is something a bit unnerving traveling alone to a foreign country to stay in a hostel with people you have never met. I know for many this is a breeze and something they have done a million times, but this is my first solo travel experience. Making it a bit easier is knowing it is temporary and my sister will be joining me at the end of the week. My debut into solo travel will be short lived, but still scary and wonderful none the less. 

I like to think about it this way. Everyday at school I ask my students to learn something new, push themselves to do and be their best selves, and sometimes try something new. This solo experience forces me to do what I ask students to do everyday. It is pushing me far outside my comfort zone and that is a beautiful thing. 

My solo travel experience may have only just begun but already I have found so many perks. Here are my favorite things so far about traveling solo. 

  1. I get to decide all the attractions to see, score! Today I wanted to spend 2 hours between the museum of design and museum of architecture and no one told me to hurry up. That would never happen if I wasn’t solo traveling  
  2. I can eat as many Finnish cinnamon buns as I want and no one will judge me- although maybe you are judging a little at home now that I have made it clear I have had more than one since arriving ? 
  3. When I get lost and can’t quite figure out where I’m going, no one argues or gets angry with me for reading the map wrong. I have only myself to blame for taking longer to figure out where I was trying to go. This also lead to stumbling across some pretty cool parks and statues I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, so really it’s a win
  4. Being able to walk at my own pace. I know this sounds a little silly, but when you usually travel with a group of speed walkers it’s nice to be able to amble along at my “glacial” pace 
  5. Feeling super proud and confident in myself for doing it all on my own! I still kinda can’t believe how much adulting is happening right now?!

    What are your thoughts on solo travel? Have you ever done something that pushed you out of your comfort zone? Leave a comment below to share your experiences or tips on solo travel! 


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    1. I love solo travel! Went to London by myself and it was the greatest. Found a lot of the same perks as you did. Glad you’re enjoying it!!

      1. London sounds like a great place to solo travel! I might have to add it to my list ?

    2. Katy – This sounds fabulous – I especially love the ‘glacial’ speed because I’m always the one who wants to stroll not speed walk!
      Have a cinnamon bun for me – in fact, have 2! No judgment – just jealous!
      Have a great time – take a lot of pictures too please! Especially when you get to the family history part!
      Can’t wait to see you after the trip!


      1. Don’t worry Peggy, I have been taking lots of pictures to share! I can’t wait to meet the rest of the Teravainens!

    3. I am so happy that you are enjoying yourself…doing the things that you enjoy on your own terms! You have proven a lot to yourself! Have a totally marvelous time?

    4. I believe you are referrkng to your lovely family regarding other travels. I like to think ee helped you get to this point in your travelling. We are so very proud of your accomplishments. You go girl.

      1. Without my family I would definitely not be here today ? Mum and Dad, your guys are the reason I have so many great travel skills to put into practice. It is not the same without you guys here!

    5. At the beach I am having another Krispy Kreme donut in your honor. Carpe Diem!