Packing for Finland 

All attempts to pack light for my almost four week trip coming up have flown right out the window. Forget the carry on size bag. There will be no mix and matching from just ten items for this girl. I am going with the big suitcase, too many clothes, and I’m not sad about it one bit. (Although I may be changing my tune when I arrive at the hostel in Helsinki) 

The preliminary pack has taken over my living room floor. To try and create some semblance of order, I have laid out clothes by stacking them. It is nice to be able to eyeball everything I think I want to take, and figure out what will actually make the cut or not. It’s tough with so many different activities and slightly varied temperatures to figure out what should get tossed and what will get packed.

How does one pack for paddle boarding, nature walks, museum tours, train rides, bike rides, hot city centers and cool archipelagos? Visiting different parts of Europe throws in an added challenge. Then there’s the fact that I will be meeting family for the first time  and I want to have a few nice outfits to set a good impression. The packing list changes each day. Needless to say, I am packing for this trip with a, no hold back attitude. Clearly I was not built for backpacking through Europe. Big suitcasing travel is my calling. 

 What are your thoughts? Could you fit everything you would need for a month in a backpack, or are you a suitcase traveler like myself?  


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  1. I am a big suitcase traveler but I only wear half of what I pack. I like having options when I travel. I say go for it!

  2. I also like options! I would find it extremely difficult to pack only a backpack traveling through Europe.