License to Drive

In preparation for my up coming trips I have been devouring guide books. I’ve been reading for tips, must see places, best museums, how to get there and everything in between. It was during one of my guide book reading marathons that I stumbled across a brief mention of an International Driving Permit. My immediate thought, “What do you mean you an international permit?” It didn’t even occur to me that you might need anything more than you passport and US license to prove you are capable of renting and driving a car somewhere else.

Never mind the hairpin turns I had encountered in Peru, the winding roads I’ve read about in Santorini, the lack of guardrails on steep cliffs, possibly having to drive on the wrong side of the road (do they do that in Greece?!), or the fact that I can only drive an automatic. Shouldn’t my US license be enough? Well, I decided not to take any chances.

It was a relatively easy process to get an international driving permit, especially since my sister emailed me the link to the form I had to fill out. Five minutes of filling out a form, a quick drive down the road to AAA and I was half way there. Once at AAA all I had to do was pay a $15 fee, pay to get a passport style photo done (another $12), wait for the woman to fill out the permit and voila! A freshly minted International Driving Permit, ready to ride.

Now I just have to be patient until April when I can finally put mine to use in Greece!



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