World Flags, Student Style 

Happy Friday!

As we prepare to sail into the weekend I thought I’d share a quick story of a favorite moment I had a few weeks ago.

Our school had recently participated in Spain Day, and students were still talking about the different activities they did including coloring Spanish flags. Later that afternoon, before dismissal a student came up to me and asked if he could draw some flags from around the world for me because he knew I liked to travel. I was flattered, what a sweet gesture.

I love to encourage global learning, so I told him if he colored some flags I would add them to our map bulletin board. We have a bulletin board in the classroom with a world map and pictures from places I have traveled to. It’s a way to share landmarks, buildings and other sights from different countries with students. Flags from different countries would be the perfect edition.

I did explain that he wouldn’t be able to do them during working time in the classroom, but he was more than welcome to work on them when he had free time. That’s when he informed me that he planned to make them after school.

Sure thing, a few days later this student came proudly through the door in the morning armed with not just one flag, but five that he had looked up, colored and brought in to add to the bulletin board. I won’t forget the ear to ear smile I saw on him when later that day he saw his flags tacked up on the board.

A small win for global learning. I love to see see students thinking globally, being curious and taking charge over their own learning. Truly a proud teacher moment for me.



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