Cave Flamenco 

What a night! Yesterday, after touring all morning in Toledo, and enduring a 5 hour bus ride, we finally made it to Granada. Toledo was such an amazing city but that post is for another day when I have time to do it justice. Back to Granada.  After checking into our hotel and dropping out things off it was off to dinner. Never in a million years would I believe I could get use to eating dinner past 6 pm, but here I am, in Spain eating closer to what time the locals eat. It may not be 10 pm, […]

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Mercado de San Miguel 

This by far has been one of my favorite places in Spain. The Mercado de San Miguel is a small food market tucked behind the Plaza Mayor.     After walking around the city all day it was great to take a little break in this lively market place. There was excellent people watching, and delicious foods and drinks to be had.  What I loved best about the Marcado was the buzz of activity that surrounded you as soon as you walkedthrough the doors. I met up with a few friends from our group moments after entering.     It didn’t take […]

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Weary Traveler 

Well we made it to Madrid safe and sound! It still surprises me that no matter how much I travel it never gets any easier. I worry right up until I sit down in my seat on the plane. Have I forgotten anything? Did I pack enough clothes? Did I charge all my electronics? Wait did I bring the adaptor so I can charge all my electronics? Where’s my passport (in my hand)? There it is! Put in my bag. Where’s my passport? You get the gist.  Our overnight flight wasn’t too bad on Swiss Airline. I think I even […]

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