Café Regatta 

Today was full of adventure but my favorite part of the day was spent at a café I heard about called Café Regatta.

I trekked across town where the Sibelius Monument can be found. I had already seen the monument, but rumor had it (and maps showed) there was a quaint little restaurant nearby called Café Regatta. I found it and let me say, everything I heard was true. 

Side note: Not to toot my own horn but I was proud that I figured out the correct tram to take, correct side of the stree to go to once off the tram (made that mistake yesterday), correct direction to walk, and correctly guess the direction of the café from the monument, all on the first try! I am notorious for going on the complete opposite direction of wherever it is I am suppose to be going.

Back to my tale of café victory. It is the cutest little hut that sells coffee, baked goods, little sandwiches, anything you might like. Outside there was patio seating along the water. There were all kinds of places to sit. Little tables for two, a swing, covered tables and even a little fire pit with seats around it. It really was picture perfect. As you might guess I got a cinnamon bun and coffee to enjoy outside. 

I picked a great table next to the water until the second rain shower for the day descended.

I picked up and headed for one of the covered seats where I could sit back and relax. With book in hand I settled in for quite a while. It was the perfect way to spend part of an afternoon. 


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    1. Yes! I had wonderful weather the first few days but there are showers throughout the day predicted for almost the rest of the time.

  1. Way to go Katy! Sounds like you’re trip is going well. Best 3 things about being a teacher? June July and August! Safe travels. Send a cinnamon bun!!!!!